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Real estate market forecast for 2022 in spain

by seraporcasas on December 10, 2021
Real estate market forecast for 2022 in spain

The last year has been a year of uncertainty in the real estate market. 2021 has been the year of the pandemic but, as we say in Spain, in times of crisis great things happen.

After two years of pandemic, it is time to reinvent ourselves at great speed, because everything that happens in this country ends up having a great impact on the real estate market.

It was a year with an increase in the sale/purchase of homes in general terms, as well as the arrival of international investors in the sector. On the other hand, the issue of rental prices seems to have reached its peak and the new Housing Law is going to put the cards on the table in many aspects.

Even so, and according to INFORMA’s DBK Sector Observatory, it is expected that in the short and medium term, the real estate market will enjoy favourable winds closely linked to the fall in interest rates, or the increase in the level of savings of Spanish families.

It is possible that, once the pandemic situation has stabilised, many people will opt to invest their savings in the house they were looking for and which, due to COVID19, they had to wait for. Others may take the opportunity to move to a country house, away from the stress and pollution. It is possible that this pandemic has opened up many possibilities for us, as teleworking is here to stay and that means spending many more hours at home than ever before, so why not live and work in the house of our dreams?

A 2022 full of real estate illusions

At Sera por Casas we have many possibilities to achieve this goal and also the option of doing so with sea views and wonderful beaches, fishing ports and nature such as Galicia.

The confinement provoked that the house was placed as the epicentre of the life of the family nucleus, and it seems that it continues being like that. Therefore, 2022 could be a year of economic recovery step by step and of making decisions to improve our way of life, our home.

We cannot forget that with the arrival of European funds, significant liquidity will be allocated to the rehabilitation of housing in favour of energy efficiency and this will undoubtedly boost the purchase of houses and the reform of the same.

The green mortgage will open many opportunities to make this world more sustainable and to get good conditions for our house. Green mortgages of which we advise in Sera por Casas to find the one that best suits each person.

I am Isabel Cotelo, manager and real estate executive of Será por Casas, a different real estate agency in A Coruña.  If you want to know more, keep up to date and not get lost online, follow me.

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